Class Descriptions

Yoga on the Stability Ball

This relaxing Yoga class uses the stability ball to exercise and strengthen, for a relaxed, low-stress workout.

Yoga Basics

A ‘Yoga 101’ class for students taking those first tentative steps into a new area. The postures are presented in an easy to follow, accessible manner to build Strength, increase Flexibility, enhance Joint Stability and improve Posture and Balance.

Curvy Yoga or More to Love Yoga

Taste the sweetness of the simple, gentle self-care of yoga. Come experience for yourself a class especially designed for the bigger woman or man. Walking out of class you will experience a refreshed feeling from giving yourself the gift of stretch and movement.For all the poses, you will be given instructions on how to move, use props, and slide your body flesh out of the way so that the poses feel pleasant and safe. It's a time to be yourself and just breathe. Beginners are welcome.

Prenatal Yoga

This class is designed to help women find comfort during pregnancy, connect to other prenatal women, and prepare for labor and birth. Every class includes warm-up, flows, stretches, breath and meditation. The pregnant woman becomes aware of and listens to her own body learning how to give herself the physical, emotional and mental care throughout her pregnancy and motherhood.  

Candlelight Yin Yoga

In an atmosphere very conducive to relaxation & meditation practice yin style poses: deep stretches held over a longer period of time. Yin Yoga is great for increasing your range of motion, detoxifying the body, and improving the health of your connective tissues.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga offers poses that revitalize and balance your body. With the help of props your body can completely relax into each pose. A still body encourages a still mind.

Sun & Shade Yoga

Start the class off with heating up your body through Hatha poses. Then cool your body down with Yin poses.  Holding dynamic Hatha poses stretch and strengthen your muscles. They include six spinal movements, standing poses, and simple inversions.  Relaxing into meditative Yin poses moves the stretch into your connective tissues increasing your range of motion, and bringing suppleness to your joints. In a Yin practice while seated or laying you stretch to your own body’s ability, relax into the pose and then come to your breath for an extended period of time. 

Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu Yoga is a synergy of body, mind and energy. Within the physical body is a subtle flow of rhythmic, energy pulsations that we call prana, or life force. Kripalu Yoga helps to release blocks in the body and mind that can create imbalances or even disease, so that the practitioner can experience greater health and happiness.

Renew and Restore Yoga

We will begin class with core strengthening poses, balancing poses and hip openers. The last 30 minutes of class will include deeply relaxing restorative yoga poses with hands on energy work. This class is a perfect combination of total body strengthening and relaxation. All levels are welcome and postpartum and prenatal modifications will be given for our new and expecting mommies.


A Hatha inspired class where breath and meditation start off the class. Moving into warm-up then poses.  Poses include standing, sitting, and laying.  I encourage you to go to your edge finding the right expression of the pose for your body.  Some classes may include corework and/or Sun Salutations. 

Private Lessons

My private sessions are about you, what works for you physically, emotionally, and spiritually I really believe each person is unique and I’m hoping together we can come up with a yoga class just for you. Private lessons may be 60 minutes.

Please call or email to arrange a time and location 781-454-7960

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