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Why I want to bring Curvy Yoga to the community where I teach

Everybody's body is different. Inside and out. It just is how it is no matter how much the society says we should all have one body description. Everybody deserves the opportunity to reap the benefits of yoga.

I became a teacher because I have gotten so many benefits from yoga and wanted to share them. Less stiffness in the morning; fluidity in the spine and in the hips; but most importantly a way to be with my emotions. I want to share them with everyone. No matter what body shape you are the benefits are there for you.

People are self-conscious about starting yoga. I don't want anyone to miss out because of that. I always create a non-judgemental environment for anyone to do yoga in.

Creating safe yoga was a part of my training. People that carry around extra weight do have additional alignment concerns. I want a place where they can get the additional cues to keep them safe.

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